Rediscover yourself, empower others

FNX Company

FNX Company is passionate about developing leaders who add value through inspiring, engaging and empowering their teams. FNX Company enables leaders to rise above themselves by providing a unique, intense experiential learning process. This proven process stimulates reflection and develops deep self-knowledge in a safe environment and supports leaders in using that knowledge to become truly effective. We work with (future) leaders, teams and within the organisational culture.

Leadership development

Leadership means more than managing your team effectively. Leadership is very personal and comes from within. How do you develop your leadership style?

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Team coaching and development

A strong team is capable of a lot. Much more than the sum of its parts. How do you build a strong and flexible team from a group of individuals?

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Observations and organisational culture

Culture binds. Gives identity. And stability. How does your culture translate to behaviour, systems, role models and symbols? How does this influence your success?

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Who we are

Femke Kruiderink and Nita Wink got to know each other whilst participating in the Executive Master Consulting and Coaching for Change at INSEAD international business school in France. Their shared conviction that reflection, insight and understanding are imperative to empower people and organisations forms the foundation of FNX Company.

The name FNX is formed by the initials of Femke and Nita, supplemented with the X of the eXperts. It is also ‘phoenix’, the mythical bird that rises from its own ashes.

Rediscover yourself, empower others

Femke Kruiderink

Femke Kruiderink has gained broad experience and insight into different cultural drivers through an international youth and studies at universities in Japan, Colombia and the Netherlands. She works with the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) to include behavioural insights in the development of policy on financial markets from a realistic view of humanity. In addition, she completed the Executive Master Consulting and Coaching for Change at INSEAD in France. Femke lived in Mexico, the United States, Honduras, Japan and the Netherlands and developed a cross-border vision on themes such as group dynamics, talent development and leadership. Femke has worked on various international projects, from Siberia to former Yugoslavia.

Nita Wink

Nita Wink is an executive coach and facilitator in the field of leadership. She does this work in a lovingly confrontational way: embracing challenges in order to acquire new insights and to get rid of limiting patterns. She is originally a certified auditor and has worked as partner at PwC in many (post-conflict) countries including a long-term assignment in Afghanistan for the World Bank. Nita holds an MBA from Rotterdam School of Management and has completed an INSEAD Executive Master in Consulting and Coaching for Change, an education focused on the psychodynamic approach of teams and organisations. The years of international travel and working with different nationalities in an international environment, give Nita a rich cultural awareness and international working experience. Nita is also qualified in horse facilitated coaching.

Our eXperts

We are keen to get people, organisations and developments moving. We do not do that alone. We often cooperate with a fixed team of experts. The diversity in origin, specialisms and vision makes this team a valuable addition to our services.

Sergio Piza

Sergio is an experience leader who with a focus on business results supports leaders in culture transformation processes, organization development, and talent engagement. Sergio is a strategist and specialist in organization excellence and people practices. Has developed his career as an executive in C-Level positions in important multinational and Brazilian companies. Sergio launched his book ‘Enigma of leadership’ in 2018.

Wafa Disi

As a seasoned HR professional Wafa’s passion for supporting others and enabling change fueled her energy and motivation to pursue a career in the field of consulting and coaching for change. She takes a special interest in improving self-awareness among young professionals and enabling effective individual and group development and transformation. Wafa is initiator for FNX Company Middle East.

John Young

John is a team and executive coach with a broad experience in IT environments. He helps leaders and organisations transition into the effective use of Agile and Lean Startup practices. John leads workshops on the strategy realisation process, leadership and organisational change. John is a published author in INSEAD Knowledge and a peer reviewed international engineering journal.

Derek O’Conner

Forward-looking senior executive and respected business partner. Derek has a background in senior sales & marketing roles in corporate & key account/strategic management and business development roles at international business schools. He has a stellar record of delivering transformational leadership, generating sustainable results, and exceeding financial, organisational and performance targets.

Evodie Koolstra

As a personal trainer and coach Evodie focusses on healthy business cultures. Her philosophy is ‘Effective fitness’: we know that good sleep, exercise, relaxation and food are important to us. Although once you understand the ‘why’ behind these lifestyle advices is when ‘knowing’ can be transformed into ‘feeling’. Exactly that is the key to integrate healthy choices into your daily life for physical and mental fitness.

Peter Hiddema
toronto, CANADA

Peter is a facilitator of personal and professional transformation creating healthy, dynamic work environments. He facilitates, teaches, and speaks on collaboration, negotiation, authentic communication, and conflict resolution. To help people work together in a humane way to produce outstanding results. His passion is helping people be their true selves; letting go of false beliefs and limiting ways of being so they can be great leaders and great people.

Robert Bouman

The power of the traditional Haka from New-Zealand is connecting and the passion and energy it creates contagious. The beauty is that there are many themes within Haka. This makes Haka a valuable element in team coaching and our workshops, tailored to the current theme in your organisation or team.

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”

~ Anaïs Nin


”I feel very empowered by the realization that in order to be a good leader I don’t have to conform to an existing pre-conditioned role! This has freed me to follow my own path! After this workshop I understand that real leadership comes from within.”

– Elena

“This training was a mind-opening and inspiring experience for me. I want to thank you for your time, energy and ideas.”

– Nadine

“These were the best days of my life..”

– Marit

“It was great how you were setting up the scene and that you have set aside time and opportunities to make the build-up of the group possible. This was something that I felt was really special about this seminar and also made it possible to open up and to connect.”

– Frank


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