Leadership program

Modern leadership increasingly calls for cooperation, creativity and flexibility. There is a growing need for autonomous teams. Self-reflection, emotional intelligence and an understanding of team dynamics are essential. Our programs are aimed at stimulating just that.

FNX Company has developed leadership programs based on recent insights from the international business schools Harvard and INSEAD. Our leadership programs are focused on developing people’s knowledge and self-reflection. Our broad experience in business services gives us an understanding of the context and the high expectations that are placed on such processes. The programs and modules focus on interaction and ‘experience-based learning’, encouraging the sharing of viewpoints, enriching learning and embedding knowledge. Recognizing differences in others and in ourselves is essential for effective leadership. By using the ‘experience’ of proven exercises and techniques we strive for sustainable insight.

We offer a variety of approaches, from in-company training programs to individual trajectories and participation in group sessions. In collaboration with other professionals, we have put together a series of successful modules:

    • Reflection of a leader
    • Interaction with others
    • Managing teams
    • Navigating through culture and organizational behaviour

Which module fits best with your organization? Would you like to know more about combining elements from different modules for a customized solution? Everything is possible. Contact us for an appointment.

What can you expect:

      • Gain understanding of various leadership styles and identify personal preferences and strong points.
      • Explore the interaction between individuals, roles and organisations and discover which expectations are associated with a leadership role.
      • Become aware of common leadership ‘de-railers’.
      • Recognise personal lenses their effect on interactions and leadership styles.
      • Experience and understand the importance of listening and asking the right questions.
      • Understand the essential aspects of listening, silence and vulnerability in understanding the leadership role.
      • Experience the value of reflection.

What FNX Company offers:

      • In-depth insights into your leadership style.
      • A unique learning environment developed for professionals.
      • Integrated knowledge based on experiential learning.
      • Peer-to-peer learning.
      • A safe and educational journey … and fun!

Team coaching and development

A true team is more than the sum of its parts. A true team understands each other’s behaviour and optimizes the team’s strengths in order to achieve the organizational goals. In other words, teamwork is about behaviour: your’s and others’. Understanding your own motives allows you to better understand your own behaviour as well as the behaviour of others.

Visible and invisible forces transform a collective into a team. Our systemic approach identifies unique roles for every individual in a team, and brings its team members closer together towards building a resilient and successful team.

During our program entailing several team sessions, we work through various team elements, individual behavioural styles and shine a light on team dynamics from various perspectives. Based on these insights we work towards defining concrete objectives. Our programs are based on experiential exercises and reflection.

Can your team function more effectively and efficiently? How do you make the best use of the different personalities, roles and opinions? We’d love to discuss the possibilities with you! Contact us for an appointment.

What can you expect:

      • Insights into the aspects that lead to a TRUE team.
      • Understand which areas your team could benefit from extra attention.
      • Recognize personal behavioural preferences and their effect on interactions and leadership styles.

What FNX company offers:

      • A unique learning environment developed for professionals.
      • Integrated knowledge based on experiential learning.
      • Experience and discuss team dynamics from a new perspective.
      • Peer-to-peer learning.
      • A safe and educational journey … and fun!

Observations and organisational culture

How is the culture of your organisation? Does the organisation’s culture reflect the values of the organisation? And are the actual systems and symbols in the organisation in alignment with the desired culture? Culture is decisive for the behaviour of the employees and the performance of an organisation. By gaining insight into the culture, change processes can be put in place that ultimately influence the results. This requires a thorough analysis.

It is not the processes and systems that determine culture, but the elusive and often unconscious patterns that determine how things happen. With on-site observations, we explore the undercurrents of organisations, teams or governance environments and render them transparent. By identifying and naming working patterns, behavioural systems and the codes and symbols that prevail in the workplace, the unconscious dynamics become clear. Organisational observations offer concrete tools to understand, direct and redefine the culture of organisations. The organisation’s story is rewritten and lived with new energy.

What does your organisation look like? Would you like to improve the existing situation? Do you want to know what we can do for your organisation?

Want to know what we can do for your organisation? Contact us.

What can you expect:

      • Insight in unconscious patterns in the organization.
      • Making the undercurrent transparent in the organization.
      • Tuning the culture with the organizational values, especially after a transition.

What FNX Company offers:

      • Clear analysis of existing patterns in the organization.
      • Support in formulating organizational values.
      • The involvement of employees in cultural change.
      • An open and honest reflection of the behavioural patterns of
management and employees.